Campus Life

Life at Vinayaka Mission Aviation Academy

Starting on day one at Vinayaka Mission Aviation Academy, students can grab numerous opportunities to enhance their college experience outside the classroom.

Student Club

Student Life is committed to the entire development of students through intentional residential communities, diverse leadership opportunities, and a variety of student programming experiences.

Diversity and Inclusion

We have profound commitment to the diversity of our community. Opportunity to interact with diverse peers, both in and out of the classroom, leads to greater active thinking, intellectual engagement.

Industrial training

The main reason for our institution for industrial training is that they became prepared for a graduate job in their chosen field. It is the chance for students to implement in real life what they studied in campus.


In fact, various students are involved in some kind of athletics and some other activity. Some student joins in cheering on their friends and classmates and encouraging them.


We provide seminars based on new technology, researches, etc. by the guests who are professionals in that to make the students up to date with the technology.

Build Your Golden Career With VMAA